Being recruited from a College is a long process that can last one or 2 years or more. We will help you navigate these steps until you get recruited.  Here are few simple rules to keep in mind.


There is only one rule that really matters. As a prospective student athlete you can call or email a coach anytime and the Golf coaches can speak with you. As long as you are making the phone and they answer your call the coaches can speak with you. But they are prohibited in initiating the contact with new recruits. Many athletes have been using this for decades to get scholarships ahead of others recruits.


When you should start contacting Coaches? As soon as you are interested in the program. Remember coaches can read your e-mail but will not answer you before Sept 1st of your junior year. You can also fill out the online questionnaire to be recruited.
When you write an e-mail never addressed the e-mail as “Dear Coach”, or write the wrong name. you should always address it as “Dear Coach Smith”. The title should be something with your name and the name of the University / College you are writing to. Every coach receives lots of e -mails, you want to be sure to catch their attention so they will open yours.
Junior golfer you have to send the e-mail yourself, not your parents. If you care about that College program you have to find the time to write them and read something about their team, scores, tournaments, conference etc.
About you: what to include, graduation year, State, GPA, ACT or SAT score, golf ranking like JGS. Coaches care about your academics, attitude and coachability.
About your recent performance: write your best achievements. Like I competed in this Local or State tournament I shot 77, 73 with this yardages and I got this place in the field.
About the College golf team: Write about something that caught your attention about their team results.
About your schedule: send them your schedule , a list of tournaments you intend to play in the next 3 months.


What to do as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior depends on your Golf Level and on the Division (D1, D2, D3) you would like to play for.
If your dream is to play for Duke University you probably need to be a scratch golfer by the age of 15 and during your freshman/sophomore year. If you want to play for Eastern University your timeline is different. Knowing the College Golf Ranking can help you addressing your e-mails, not wasting your time and the coaches time.


Some of the things you will need to do:

> Get a golf handicap

> Register for NCAA

> Having a golf ranking

> Competing in different tours: Local /State/ National tournaments

> Upload a swing video on youtube.

> Find your list of colleges by State and Sport

> Participating in golf camp clinic

I will help you prioritize these things based on your skill level and your dream to play for a certain College. If you love GOLF there is a College right for you and you need to work to help that Coach scouts you!