My name is Monica Simoncini. I have a BS in Statistics and Economics and I have been a consultant for the past 10 years. I currently assist students and parents with the recruiting process specializing in golf recruiting only! My daughter, who is graduating college this year has signed to receive an NCAA Division 1 golf scholarship for college. Through her high school years, I helped her with the process and learned a ton about college golf recruiting. We started researching colleges when she was a sophomore and she started receiving offers at the end of her junior year. Many of her friends in golf were not sure how to start communicating with coaches or how this long process works, so we started helping them. It is now my passion to help other junior golfers achieve their dream of playing golf in college. Many of my competitors offer expensive recruiting services not specialized in golf. Having long experience with my two kids in swimming and golf, I know the golf recruiting process is very different from other sports. My service provides information which is personalized for each student and offers a detailed plan to assist parents and students through the recruiting process in an effort to help them achieve their specific unique golf and career goals. This is what differentiates my service from other agencies, so I hope you’ll chose me to help your golfer!