My mission is to help student athletes achieve their dream of playing collegiate golf.

Becoming a college golf player is a long process that can start as early as 8th grade. However, even late bloomers can find college golf opportunities.
I can help student-athletes from 8th to 12th grade find the right fit for them. With my extensive experience in sales, I know that being recruited by a college golf coach is similar to selling. There are many steps and having a clear timeline is critical. Only you know your priorities in selecting a college. Your decision will likely include academics, size, location, scholarship, cost and of course the golf program and the team. I will help you rationalize and prioritize these criteria, and take the right steps to maximize your chances to be recruited.


Many recruiting services are not specialized, as they offer services for several sports. The recruiting process varies widely from one sport to another; no one is expert in everything. I can help golfers, 8th grade to 12th grade find the right scholarship and know the necessary steps to get recruited, starting with an assessment of the student athlete’s abilities and aspirations. I believe if you really want to play golf in college, and love this sport, we can find the right fit for you.


Starting early gives you a great advantage, but even if you start late, you still have options. From freshman to senior years, it is crucial to know when to take each step in order to increase your chances to earn a golf scholarship or a spot on the team. Narrowing your target college selection, achieving your SAT or ACT target scores, and contacting golf coaches are time critical activities for an aspiring college golfer.


Based on your personal criteria for the college decision, I will help you research the colleges you think you may want to attend. Knowing what college coaches at every division look for in potential recruits, I will guide you in selecting the right tournaments for your ability and objectives, saving you money in the process. Our goal is for you to play golf, not to be on the bench!


I can help find available scholarships (athletic and academic) at the NCAA DI, DII, DIII level. By expanding your search and contacting more schools you will give yourself a better opportunity to land that coveted golf scholarship. It is important to know that golf is an equivalency sport which means all scholarships are not full scholarships. For example, in NCAA D1, men’s golf coaches can divide the value of the 4.5 scholarships available to them between as many players as they see fit.


Coaches can only offer you a spot on the team if they know who you are. Unless you are one of the top state players in your recruiting class, you will have to proactively initiate contact with coaches and sell yourself. While several websites allow the creation of a player profile for a fee, these are not necessary to get the coaches attention. Although there are rules regarding when and how much a coach can contact you, I will help you reach out as soon as you have relevant information to get on the coaches radar.